A welcome note by the Vice Chancellor, Dr James Gashumba


I welcome you with open arms to Rwanda Polytechnic ( RP) website. If you are a new visitor, or a regular, please take time to peruse and get familiar with our eight colleges ( IPRCs) . It is at the colleges where the action of teaching and learning really happens.

RP has just passed its 18-month birthday (14th August) since operationalization in mid-February 2018. We are grateful for the support of both our administrative and academic staff, not forgetting the student community and so many of our stakeholders, who have rallied behind us as we joined effort together to lay a firm foundation of a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution. RP is determined to address the issues and problems of our communities and especially our youth. We are very mindful of the great challenges of youth unemployment and limited opportunities. In part, this is caused by lack of relevant work skills. Yet , if we open our eyes, there are immense opportunities in economic activity of a rapidly expanding and modernizing economy like ours in Rwanda. At RP, we are charting our way forward, in partrnership with our stakeholders to address the needs of the labour market. We must do this together with industry and labour market. We want to graduate a highly skilled and well -rounded workforce for current and future needs-Rwanda is rapidly transforming into a competitive knowledge economy, which will demand new ways of teaching and learning.


We shall soon be starting a new academic year, which will start late September 2019. I want to take this opportunity to welcome the new cohort of students who will soon start registration process. I want to highlight the new emphasis we shall be putting on innovation and entrepreneurship from now on, during the training process. There is going to be greater time spent in the workplace than in the classroom. Industry and labour market are going to be more and more involved in the training process, in partnership with us. There is a fundamental paradigm shift in the making.

 The Struggle Continues!