IPRC Ngoma coordinates and hosts provincial selection for National Skills Competition

IPRC Ngoma on March 3-4, 2020 hosted the selection of candidates from TVET Schools in the Eastern province, as a build-up to the maiden National Skills Competition to take place on March 25-27, 2020 at IPRC Kigali.  

The Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges (IPRCs) are coordinating the competitions in their respective provinces.

The competitors were students/trainees from TVET Schools and Private Polytechnic .The evaluation were in a form of a working and interactivediscussion carried out in related workshops. This evaluation will determine the best candidates with maximum intellectual potential who can continue to the National skills Competition.  

The Principal of IPRC Ngoma Dipl.-Ing. Ephrem Musonera pointed out that the competition will help in self evaluation and benchmark for TVET  schools and will help in experience sharing.

He added that the performance of the trainees and the competition results will help school managers identify their strenghts and areas of improvement in skills delivery. 

Speaking about how the trainees can benefit from the competitions, Dipl.-Ing. Musonera said the benefits will be in terms of exposure and experience.

''These skills competitions offer a chance for the entrants to get greater exposure to various skilled trades and advanced tools/equipment, and gain substantial experience in their areas of training,'' he said,

'' The competitions also can be a powerful tool for raising awareness of TVET because it will draw attention of the public and potential trainees.''

The competitions are focusing on basic trades which are important and common in the society and important for industry and are also the types of skills included in WorldSkills Africa 2020 to be held in Namibia in October 2020.These trades are mostly represented in most of the vocational schools in Rwanda.

At IPRC Ngoma, the trades of competing were Electrical Wiring, Cooking, Plumbing and Heating, Wall and Floor Tiling, Bricklaying, Welding, Automative Technology, Joinery ( Carpentry), Hairdressing, Restaurent services, Mechanical Engineering CAD and Digital Challenge.  

Nazareth TVET School located in Zaza sector, Ngoma district supported IPRC Ngoma by hosting the competitions in Hairdressing.


The trainees who competed at IPRC Ngoma said entering skills competition was a great opportunity for them.

Elysée Iradukunda from Nyamirama TVET School, Kayonza district, said the competition was an opportunity to build self-confidence and ability to explain what he knows.

''This will help me orient my personal vision towards my career and extend my knowledge,"He said    

Angelique Murekatete from Center for Champions TVET School, Rwamagana district,Level 5 electricity, said that through competing, she got exposure to new things and had interactions with students from other TVET schools for exchange of ideas.

The National Skills Competition, which is to be  heldevery year is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event in the country that reflects the national imageof skills and industry.

These competitions to be accompanied with a TVET symposium will expose the Rwandan  youth to a variety of skilled careers and equip them with the tools and resources they need to build a better future . It will also instil excellence and competition culture among TVET students and TVET schools.

After the selection at provincial level, a coaching program for the selected candidates will take place from 09th up to 20th March 2020.