Rwanda Polytechnic to host National Skills Competition 2020

Rwanda Polytechnic is organizing a National Skills Competition (NSC) among students and trainees from different TVET schools, Polytechnics, HLIs, trainees at workplaces and other accredited training providers. This competition will among other things be a platform to enhance hands on-skills and exchange of technical expertise in different fields.

With the aim of empowering and inspiring African youth to pursue personal and economic fulfilment through the power of skills, the worldSkills International is organizing WorldSkills Africa 2020 competition that will take place in Swakopmund, Namibia from 25th to 31st October 2020. The competiton will cover 14 skills areas and will bring togather competitors, international experts, global and regional Leaders and key stakeholders which are active in TVET not only for skills competition but also for various meetings which will define the future of TVET in Africa.

The National Skills Competitions have started today on this 3rd to 4th March 2020 at Provincial level and have been coordinated by the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges ( IPRCs) designated  in their respective provinces namely IPRC Kigali in Kigali city, IPRC Ngoma in Eastern Province, IPRC Huye in Southern Province, IPRC Karongi in Western province and IPRC Musanze in Northern Province.After provincial selection, a coaching program of the competitors will take place from 9th to 20th March 2020. From 25th to 27th March 2020 will be a National Skills  Competitions at IPRC Kigali and on 27th March 2020 will be held a TVET Symposium and Awarding ceremony at Serena hotel.  

This Competition will be in fourteen (14) trades namely: (I) Electrical Wiring, (2) Cooking, (3) Plumbing and Heating, (4) Wall and Floor Tiling, (5) Bricklaying, (6) Welding, (7) Automotive Technology, (8) Carpentry, (9) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, (10) Hairdressing, (Il) Restaurant Services, (12) Mechanical Engineering CAD, (13) Mechatronics and (14) Digital Challenge.

The overall objective of the NSC and TVET Symposium  is to showcase and inspire world-class excellence in skills, introduce youth to a variety of skilled careers, public talks on different themes related to skills development approaches and challenges faced by different national and international actors.