National TVET and S6 results released

On 24th February 2020, the Ministry of Education released the results of National TVET exams of  2019 in Level 5 and S6 in General Eduction.


In his speech , the minister of Education Dr. Eugene Mutimura said the candidates for TVET representing 91.15% passed and qualify for the TVET / REQF Level 5 certificate while in General Education , general pass rate is 89.50%( 41,994) as compared to 88.22%( 2018) and there is an increase of 1.27%.

In  2019, the number of candidates registered for National TVET /REQF Level 5 exminations were 19,370 with female candidates registered representing 47.07%(9,118) vs 52.93% ( 10,252) of male candidates. In total, 19231 candidates ( 99.28) sat for exams in 34  different trades. Out of 19,231 candidates who sat for National exams, 17,530 candidates representing 91.15% passed and qualify for the TVET/ REQF Level 5 certificate. In general Education, 22,803 candidates (54.10%) are girls while 19,342 candidates ( 44,90%) are boys.


In the 2019 academic year, out of the 192 Schools which presented candidates in National TVET/REQF Level 5 examinations, 36 are public, 31 are Government-aided and 125 are private schools. Those schools are countrywide located within the 30 Districts. The conduct of exams has been operated in 142 practical examination centers and 70 written examination centers selected among the assessed Schools.


In TVET, candidates who qualify for the award of a certificate must have sat for all papers and passed within the range of a total aggregate of 60 as maximum and total aggregate of 9 as minimum and at least grade E in the practical exam.


The best performers( for TVET & General Education) during National exams of 2019 were awarded Positivo Machine.  


Access to exam results and appeal:


  Results can be viewed online at or by keying *727*100# on phone and following instructions

School Managers will collect results for their respective schools from Rwanda Polytechnic during a meeting that will take place at Hilltop Hotel on February 28th, 2020.

 Private Candidates will collect their result slips from Rwanda Polytechnic office starting from March 9th, 2020.


Note: Whoever is not satisfied with his/her results has three (3) months to appeal. An answer is issued not later than 3 months after introduction of appeal to Rwanda Polytechnic.