Rwanda Polytechnic to start a new training system that provides advanced hands on practice

Kigali: On 14th February 2019 at Marriott Hotel, held a meeting of employment sector and TVET schools on the integration and implementation of workplace learning through dual training system.

In his remarks, the Minister of Education Dr. Eugene MUTIMURA thanked the government of Switzerland for co-organizing the conference and especially for continued support to technical and vocational education and training. (TVET).

He said that the conference will provide an opportunity to share experience of piloting activities since the adoption of the workplace learning policy in 2015, in order to jointly analyse what have alearledy been achieved and what can be improved.

He said that the role of the Private sector in a successful implementation of that policy is indeed critical since different types of learning involved in this overarching policy are characterized by a different state of development and also require different approaches.

“ Adoption of the workplace learning policy aims at help more youth get technical skills for employment through apprenticeship, industrial attachment and in company training” Dr. Mutimura said

He requested all private companies to be fully engaged and take the lead in implementation of dual training system, for it paves the way to getting well qualified skilled labor force required at local, regional and international market,


The Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic Dr. James Gashumba thanked participants and the huge support and interventions of DPs, Private Sector especially the Suiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and Suiss Contact for their commitment in Hands-on Skills Development & Promotion of Dual –Training that enables beneficiary to acquire skills required to create jobs and compete in the labor market, . This vision cannot be implemented without your continuous support and we really appreciate all your hard working!

He also appreciated their projects activities which are linked with RP vision: “To provide quality education that complies with applicable standards through vocational education’’

 Speaking to the media, the Vice Chancellor said: ‘” In many countries, one of the key elements of development strategies is to support young people to acquire professional & technical skills. This approach also helps to promote entrepreneurship.”

He also expressed that the government of Rwanda has made an ambitious target of creating  214,000 off –farm jobs every year. This can only be achieved through skills training and support of the youth by effective implementation   of Workplace learning.