RP, WDA and DPs to review the progress of TVET Sub-Sector retreat resolutions

 On Thursday 19th September 2019, Rwanda Polytechnic   in collaboration with WDA had a one-day meeting with TVET Sub-Sector Working Group to discuss the progress on the implementation of the latest meeting retreat resolutions as well as recent updates in TVET sub-sector.

The meeting aims at reviewing challenges and hindrances to skills development in TVET including the lack of policies, regulations and procedures to strengthen TVET training and draw the way forward

 The objectives of the meeting also included reviewing of progress made in implementing resolutions of TVET Sub-Sector Retreat of January and assignments of four Taskforce Teams.

Others looked at discussing the operationalization of RTTI, in-service trainers, pre-service trainers, engaging the ownership of Development Partners in the operationalization of Rwanda Polytechnic strategic plan.

 In his opening remarks,  Engineer Pascal Gatabazi, the Director General of WDA thanked the participants for  dedicating time to contributing a very significant support especially RP for organizing the meeting.

 He reiterated the importance of CAPA rewarding young people for innovations.

 “Due the fact that our young people demonstrate innovations, it means we can do it. If we package ourselves well, we can reach far. Innovations are out here in our young people. By 2024we expect to double the number of TVET students. We need to find out why we are not getting high enrollment in TVET,” he said.

 Issues to think about, he said, involve highlighting potential schools and the government may step in and support.

 “We can plan and work with private sector for effective private sector engagement. We need the feedback of this dual system, if it is feasible in our context,” he noted.

 He also mentioned the political will of government which motivates to exploit this opportunity.

 Dr James Gashumba, the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnicsaluted participants thanking them for commitment and participation.He said that in 19 months, they have achieved few things but mentioned that there are many things they are still working on in collaboration to reach some objectives.He also thanked DPs for working with them faithfully.

Following the participants’ discussions, a number of resolutions were made from TVET Sub-sector working group meeting in an effort to improve performance of TVET sector.

They recommendations are:

* To establish a specific taskforce comprising of RP, WDA and DPs to develop annual joint operational plan (AJOP), monitor and report channel based on published RP Strategic plan.

* RP liaise with a committed DP who will commission a study to elaborate a document that clarifies and defines the needs for upgrading RTQF to accommodate B-tech and M-Tech (conduct needs assessment).

* Within three months, RP will draft a ministerial order for operationalization of

RTTI and other related documents to be submitted for approval.

* A comprehensive TVET awareness campaign will be conducted in March 2020.

*Public Relations and Marketing Policy that promotes TVET Awareness will be elaborated with support of Swiss Development Cooperation upon request by RP.

*And preparatory meeting with all TVET stakeholders shall be organized right after the Quality Enhancement Education Awareness Campaign phase I 2019-2020.

* Organize one day working session to finalize a financing model document with reference to RDB’s skills development financing model and TVET financing cost by Swiss contact for inputs and approval (Principal NASASIRA is in charge.)

*DPs shall provide technical support (consultants) for development of RP Policies (Capacity development of RP staff and Trainers, academic staff promotion policy, etc.